A vision where our Society, Education System, Institute Management, Parents and Students should stay connected. It took birth when we got a question in our mind – Why can’t our parents, teachers, students, and institutes in our society can use an ERP? It all started from there. No matter whatever may be the possible outcome, we decided to put our vision into reality. Now it’s your part to use WRAGR, question WRAGR, throw challenges upon WRAGR, and we are ready for that because we believe that – with YOU, we grow and without YOU, we are stagnant.

How we are

We are fine and excited with WRAGR. We as a team believe in words of the Great STEVE JOBS that “If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you will be most certainly right”. Absorbing this sentence in a most positive way, it asks us to make most of every single moment.

What we are

We are WRAGR – One stop to automate everything. We are working hard every moment to make sure that we provide NO SNOOZE service. We are inspired to learn and connect dots. We are willing to take education to a next level and change the view of parents, teachers, students, and society towards education system.

Who we are

We are a part of society with a vision to take the use of technology a step forward and making our society to understand the power of INTERNET. We want our eyes to witness our students talking about bringing advancement in Science and Technology rather than predicting about tomorrow’s match or a new movie release’s result. We believe that we are about to bring a change with our initiation through WRAGR Workshops and WRAGR Winning Lectures.


WRAGR believes in the words said by Great Mahatma Gandhi – “A customer is the most important visitor, on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption on work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider to our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do it.” WRAGR has set its priorities, coming to our #1 priority – It is our Customer’s continued satisfaction with the services provided by WRAGR. Below are the services that WRAGR offer you to get started with its incredible journey.


Enables a parent to monitor and track his/her child’s progress report, attendance, fees details, homework and many more.


Enables a teacher to view his/her attendance, salary details, assign homework to students, and helps to stay connected 24*7 with their institute.


A point to automate everything, a right to assign and manage privileges of every role created, to get instant information reports, to notify any sort of message to the community, can stay connected 24*7 with teachers, parents and students.


Enables students to take exams from anywhere. Time to replace traditional paper assessment and check student’s presence of mind with teacher’s customized questions.


Enables parent to pay his/her child’s fee without the need of attending school premises. A great way of entertaining Digital India.


A simple and beautiful sub-domain website is provided. It is completely customizable and five different templates are provided.


A simple tool to communicate with teachers, parents, and students on a more personal level by sending SMS text messages right to their mobile phones.


Enables to distribute and manage homework/assignments with due dates, subject title, description and an attachment if required.


Enables the best utilization of teachers in the community by creating error free timetables.


Enables the teachers to mark attendance and allows parents to track their children’s attendance.


Enables teachers to track their monthly salaries and have a clear idea about their pay cheques.


An efficient way to communicate with teachers, parents, and students on a more personal level by sending text messages right to their mobile phones.


Enables parents to have an idea about their children performance in various examinations and allows them to track their results every now and then.


Invoice report, Exams report, fee report, timeline report and many more can be generated in xls/word/pdf file on a single click.


A very convenient style to assign and manage student fee collections with just a few clicks.


Enables students and staff to send their leave form in the easiest way possible.


Enables parents to share their views and opinions on various topics directly with the institute.


Enables students to view syllabus of any subject they want, if needed they can also download the file.


Life is full of opportunities, careers option is used to notify any available opportunity to the whole community.




Happy Students


Happy Staff


Online Exams


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Do you have a vision to view your society using technology and a vision to create something that will benefit your country for a better tomorrow? Is it a yes? Cheers, we are waiting for you from so long to meet you. Before you come in contact with us, let me say you something – about 69 million students study in 2,47,843 private schools at the elementary level making the average number of students per school about 280. India has more than 3,39,000private K-12 schools. We need Partners to serve every corner of our society. Want to be a partner with WRAGR? It’s so easy, because we believe in the Great Steve Jobs words – “Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” On one hand, we are waiting for you, on the other hand we are finding for you. Wishing to see you soon Partner.

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WRAGR had been formed by a great team. WRAGR as a team always believes in the words said by Phil Jackson “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Here we present you the teammates of WRAGR.

Krishna Teja
Creative Head
Aman Agrawal
Marketing Manager
Chandra Sekkhar
General Manager

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